Kate Zeidler

Kate Zeidler is a leading Canadian Designer. For more than 25 years, her unique eye has created a legion of devoted clients both in Toronto and internationally. Kate instinctively senses what her clients want and need, designing their spaces with her elegant, sophisticated style. She is gifted at colour adaptation and space planning. As well, she has an encyclopedic knowledge of furniture, fabrics, rugs, arts and unusual artifacts, both contemporary and vintage. Her intimate rooms transition easily from private to public spaces, adapting well for large events. Kate’s extraordinary work ethic allows for hands-on attention with every client, and the results are profoundly pleasing. Above all, Kate’s trademark is her gift for creating serene, harmonious and inviting spaces.


Kate has a BA from the University of Western Ontario and a degree from the International Academy of Design and Technology. She works and lives in Toronto.





Kerry Teeling, Senior Designer

For more than 15 years, Kerry has been an organized and outstanding Project Manager, providing client support and creative input on all projects.

Pauline Berkovitz, Junior Designer

Pauline joined the KZID team as a Junior Designer and Project Management support after graduating from McGill University.

Pamela Yu, Bookkeeper

Pamela executes all bookkeeping and accounting functions.  She maintains impeccable records of all transactions for clients and suppliers.

Carol Paragas

Carol manages the office library, carefully inspects incoming deliveries and prepares for upcoming meetings.